Energy savings


Energy challenges to come are gigantic. Well to choose its transformers becomes major to insure earnings of consumption, decrease of the thermal wastes and the smooth running, with high level of efficiency and lifetime. For this purpose, Transfos MARY renews its TPEC range of dry-type transformers with its new TPEC Eco-Design A0Ak three-phase transformers produced with premium oriented crystal magnetic sheet to comply with the very low loss levels imposed by the European regulations N°548/2014 and N°2019/1783 which come into force in July 2021. Under these conditions, the TPEC Eco-Design A0Ak range offers reduced energy consumption, significant savings on electricity bills and an excellent return on investment. The TPEC Eco-Design A0Ak is also economical in terms of operation as it is more durable, quieter and particularly suitable for unstable networks. Discover the TPEC range of three-phase energy-saving transformers.


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