Mid-voltage transformers (MV - MV/LV - HTA)


With its experience in the design and manufacture of low voltage dry-type transformers (LV/LV), Transfos MARY has surrounded itself with a partner specialising in mid-voltage transformers (MV) in order to meet all your needs and offer you the same levels of requirement and quality: the Italian company SEA SpA.


Since 1959, SEA SpA is an independent family-owned company specializing in medium voltage transformer with worldwide coverage. With its 5 modern and efficient factories based in the Venice region, in Tezze di Arzignano, SEA SpA controls all of its manufacturing processes with a permanent commitment to the quality, performance and safety of its products. This ensures that lead times are kept to a minimum and ensures the perfect fit of the SEA SpA transformers to the applications for which they were designed. SEA SpA has all the necessary certifications to guarantee the safety and quality of its products.
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018


Performances, safety and quality

  • Certification NF 52-115 | NF EN 52 726 | IEC 60076-11
  • Transformers certified E3, C2, F1 up to 30 MVA and operating voltage (Um) 72,5 kV (isolation level 200 kV).
  • Up to 3.15 MVA in distribution.
  • Withstand overload and disturbance of your installations.
  • Designed for minimal maintenance and maximum service life.
  • Authorized for high-rise buildings and ERP.
  • Withstand overload and disturbance of your installations.
  • No oil or retention tank therefore reduces ecological and fire risks.
  • The materials used are self-extinguishing and, in case of fire, do not emit toxic gas. This advantage is particularly appreciated for hospitals, public premises, airports, metros, mines, oil platforms, nuclear power plants, boats, …
  • All transformers are tested.
  • Control and quality are at the heart of the design and construction process.

standard accessories and options

  • 4 running wheels
  • 2 grounding terminals
  • Lifting hooks
  • 4 holes of mooring
  • Regulation tabs with MV side coupling, MV connecting by stalks thread with nuts running wheels
  • PT100 + CCT440 probes
  • PTC probes
  • Relay
  • MV Connection
  • Plug-in MV connectors
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Electrostatic shield
  • Box IP31 or IP65 delivered assembled or disassembled


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